From Urban Underground to County Supervisor

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Changer: David Bowen
Duration: 5:22

The Urban Underground (U2) was founded in 2000 in Milwaukee and has become a nationally recognized model for engaging youth in bold and life changing opportunities to address the most pressing problems facing them and their communities.

As a 2012 Game Changer Fellow, I interviewed the founders, executive director, staff, and members of the organization. I also met with a young man who was a former student, staff, and organizer of U2. His name is David Bowen, and he has recently won a county supervisor position in Milwaukee County. His success is, in part, due to the leadership skills he learned at U2. David’s goals and values for this position doesn’t differ from what he learned and experienced coming up through the program of Urban Underground. His aim is to give back to younger people who also want to make a difference. David expresses his passions towards correcting the wrongs of the system and injustices affecting young boys and girls alike. Urban Underground is Milwaukee’s cultural cornerstone for youth engagement.