Mentoring in Hollywood: The Men of MOCITI

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Changer: Heinz Fellow
Duration: 10:04

Pop Quiz: Name at least three Black male actors starring in primetime television shows on ANY major network (except B.E.T. or TV One) or cable station. Stumped? You’re not alone. The disparity between “working” African American male actors and their white counterparts is staggering, despite strides made in Hollywood for Blacks in the entertainment business. The result is a media that is grossly slanted in its depiction of Black males.

So what’s a brother to do? If he’s looking for authentic support, artistic camaraderie, and Hollywood business connections from other brothers in the industry, he may already be a member of Men of Color in the Industry, aka “MOCITI” (mo-kee-tee). The LA-based organization boasts a worldwide membership and members represent all professions of entertainment industry. But MOCITI’s most enduring asset is not what it takes from its members but what members give back. Beyond being a unique support group, members come together regularly to tutor and mentor mostly black and latino young boys in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

We sent Carl Seaton, our Los Angeles-based GCP Fellows to meet the brothers of MOCITI and learn more about what motivates some of their famous and busy members to pay it forward by giving back. Check it!