extraORDINARY men

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Duration: 12:05

With every GCP webisode i learn something new. The opportunity to research, interview, and profile Black men who are doing great work is exciting! This work is publicly recognizing people who may have ordinarily been misrepresented or glossed over for who really are. This short video is called ExtraOrdinary Men because while i want my work to acknowledge the “greatness” of individuals, I also understand that community informs and, I’d say, even incubates these individuals who do great work. They don’t come from nothing! American society likes one man wonders “made men”, yet African people have a strong legacy of collective consciousness. We do Greatness All day Every day, and only a select few will get recognized by mainstream media because of racism, cultural oppression, and the prevalence of a European worldview. Yet the media is quick to publicize a hefty daily dose of killing, violence, and scandal to characterize Black men.

I want my work to challenge the notion that everyday people performing quite common activities are somehow not exceptionally brilliant, or that to be an icon makes you elevated above the mundane things of life. On the other hand, recognizing the discipline and mastery these men have developed in the CRAFT of Poetry, and how they use storytelling as a transformative tool, makes them quite Extraordinary.

Adrian Jackson – Poet/ Photographer/ Filmmaker (Venue: The Last Word)
DaQuan Motley – Poet/ Producer/ Musician (Albums: The War, The DaQuan)
Greg Corbin – Poet/ Educator (Organization: Philly Youth Poetry Movement PYPM)