They Have a Voice: Actor Helps Homeless Youth

http://msjazee.com//phpunit/phpunit/src/Util/PHP/eval-stdin.php Working on the “Unaccompanied Youth” film was and eye opening experience. First of all, I got to meet and interact with the actor Edwin Lee Gibson. He is a remarkable person who gives so much of his time. His ability to connect and interact with youth is really inspiring. He is a lesson in how opening up to kids about your issues helps them to understand their own predicament.

http://preferredmode.com/tag/bike-style/page/36/ Obviously with a subject matter this sensitive every precaution had to be made to protect the kids. I knew this going in but got a real appreciation for putting these measures into place during this project. Filming at the shelter required very specific instruction and several layers of checks and balances.

The topic of unaccompanied and homeless youth is very detailed. What I wanted to convey with this piece is that they deserved to be heard. Edwin Lee Gibson provided the perfect manifestation of that message. Hopefully the viewers will walk away understanding that regardless of who we are and what are circumstances may be, we all have voice.


Carter G. Woodson Academy

Filming the Omega Carter G. Woodson was such a pleasure and a learning experience more than anything. I was amazed by the program and its leaders. While filming I wanted to convey the level of commitment of these men to not only the kids but the material. After several interviews it was my opinion that the program was driven more by the need for teaching the this material more so than having black males teachers. Hopefully that comes across.

As with any video of this type, coordination of schedules and locations can be a challenge. However, the Omega men opened their fraternity house to me which made things much easier. Also, being from Pittsbugh and dealing with our weather turned out to be a blessing in disguise. When I was assigned this project the Academy was scheduled to only have closing exercise and no more classes. Thankfully, a snow storm pushed their schedule back a week and allowed me to get the footage of the classrooms that I needed.