Appetite for Equity A group of mothers of students in the City Heights neighborhood of San Diego faced a problem: their kids were not eating lunch at school and had serious problems focusing in class. Due to dietary restrictions of their Muslim faith, they were unable to eat the school lunches. The film tells the “church vs state” story of a small group of committed mothers, student activists, and local BHC organizers as they take on the entire San Diego Unified School District, get halal lunches permanently incorporated into the menu, and change policy across the district.

Genre: Short, Documentary; TRT: 10:24 mins.; HD 16×9 Widescreen; 2.1 Stereo;

Credits: Producer/Director: Cheo Tyehimba Taylor; Cinematography: ShakaJamal; Editor: Judd Flemming

©2016 Game Changers Films


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