Game Changers Film Fellowship – 2019 Fellowship Application

For the class of 2019, we’re looking for a small cadre of serious filmmakers of color with a proven track-record of producing stories for social change.

The application period is now OPEN. Deadline for applications is Mar 30, 2019 at 5pm PST.

The GCF Fellowship runs from April 15 to Sept. 15, 2019. We may select fellows from the following cities: New York, Los Angeles, and Oakland. Just Announced: This year, we will also offer a new GCF International Fellowships in Cuba and Ghana. 

In 2018, we will be taking our work to the next level and using our films to both impact social policy as well as produce entertaining and imaginative stories. During a six month stipend-paid fellowship, Game Changers Fellows produce 2 micro-documentary or narrative shorts on behalf of community organizations or about people or ideas that can shift perceptions, build knowledge, and impact social change. We then work to promote their films across national networks and audiences. GCF films are streamed on various online networks in exclusive GCF web series as well as presented on television broadcast via our PBS media partner WQED Multimedia, and offline at film festivals, college campuses, and regional community screenings across the country.

If you are a filmmaker of color between the ages of 21 and 35 with a proven track-record of producing thought-provoking films/videos for social change, this could be your opportunity.

QUALIFICATIONS – This is a competitive fellowship. Only qualified applicants will be considered.

Fellows will have minimum of 4 years of video production experience; a degree or certification from a film school or program is a plus:

  • Most Important: Must be able to meet monthly production deadlines!
  • Professional credited work experience that showcases a strong production background;
  • Demonstrated ability to bring a creative concept to reality from start to finish, managing ALL aspects of production
  • Well versed in all physical production equipment, and an operational understanding of industry standard cameras
  • Thorough experience with a non-linear editing program like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere. This is a must.
  • Familiarity with image editing programs like Photoshop, and motion graphics or animation programs (After Effects, Flash) is a plus
  • Familiarity with professional standards of color, lighting, and audio
  • Interest and/or experience directing docs or narrative shorts and working with a crew
  • Strong proficiency using social media applications
  • Commitment to what we call “activist storytelling;” passionate about covering issues such as Black Male Achievement and social equity for various groups, incl. women and girls, immigrants, LGBTQ, civil society, fair policing, mentoring, education, tech innovation, gender equity, fatherhood, cultural identity, prison industrial complex, health and wellness, etc.
  • Fellows are required to attend an orientation and attend  (via conference call) weekly production meetings.
  • Note: Your information is neither shared nor stored online by the Game Changers Project/Films.


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If selected, you will work with a local nonprofit organization to help tell their story. If you know a group that works with Black men and boys (or other under-represented groups) that you'd like to work with, list it here:

Please BRIEFLY (1-2 paragraphs each) answer the following questions:

Please provide 2-3 relevant work experiences with producing film or digital video stories that showcase your skills and talent; include cameras, rigs, and/or equipment and software used and/or your role working with a production team. *Required: Include LINKS to your work here.

We are looking for innovative visual storytellers with professional creative techniques and/or narrative tactics to bring to our mission.
Describe an example of your story-telling voice or style that has proved effective in a work environment.

Briefly describe your career goals for the next 2-5 years.

#blacklivesmatter has been a recent rallying cry to address injustices in our society. Describe the media's role and responsibility in accurately portraying stories about males of color and other underrepresented groups.

What untold stories would you like to show the world about Black men and boys, women and girls (and other underrepresented groups) that are ignored/mis-interpreterd by mainstream media? Feel free to include ideas for narratives as well as docs.